Quarterly Newsletter (August 2018)

Presidents Message:

Since our last message, the Southwest branch has been busy with many events. In March, our Young Member Group (YMG) hosted a social at the Wisconsin Brewing Company. The goal of the event was to promote new members to get together and brain storm about where they would like to see the YMG move towards in the future. Though we did not have many attendees as we would have liked, the YMG was able to get productive feedback. March was also when the ASCE 2018 Section Spring Technical Conference was hosted. This year’s conference was hosted in Pewaukee by the SE Branch. I would like to take a moment to thank the SE Spring Technical Conference Committee for all their hard work in putting this event together!

Moving into April the YMG was able to host a bowling event as well! Let’s just say that most of us should probably keep our day jobs! In May we hosted a lunch meeting at the Essen Haus where we had Dr. Blake Wentz present on the topic of Ethics and Construction. In June we had two social events; one hosted by the branch and one by the YMG. The branch social was hosted at the Great Dane. Though we had a fun time, we were not able to enjoy the outdoor seating as we have had in the past due to the weather. The YMG hosted their social at the Vilas Park where they were able to grill and enjoy the wonderful weather!

Now that we are getting to near the end of the summer (time flies!), The branch will be gearing up to have our elections for the 2018-2019 Board Members. The branch is actively looking for members who would be interested in having an active role on the board, whether that be running for an elected position, filling one of our vacant chairs, or just helping the board with our many events.

From personal experience, I have found that taking a leadership role in ASCE has helped me to develop my leadership and networking skills. Being part of the board exposes you not only to the local ASCE chapters, but it also gives you the opportunity to attend leadership conferences where you are able to meet other engineers from different states and in some cases different countries.

As some of you may know, I moved here from Minnesota about 4-years ago and knew no one. On top of that I was a Gopher fan in Badger Land (Someday we’ll get that axe…). Joining ASCE when I moved allowed me to not only meet new people, but it also gave me the opportunity to meet local engineers, attend and organize local events which in turn exposed me to a lot of what Wisconsin has to offer. Long story short, it helped me transition my move! So especially for those who are transplants to Wisconsin, I would highly suggest joining the board, or the very least joining the chapter if you haven’t already done so!

Please look below for our current board positions. Positions that are in bold are up for election and those that are not bold but say vacant are open. If you are interested in any of these positions or even interested in helping in other ways, do not hesitate to contact us! ASCEWISW.Info@gmail.com Our deadline for elected officers will be on Friday, August 17th.  Other positions do not have a dead line, but we would like to get you on board before the 2018-2019 board meets for the first time in mid-September.

Thank You,

Harry Tran

ASCE Wisconsin SW Branch President

2018-2019 Board Positions

2018-2019 (Anticipated)

President – Ann Thielmann

President Elect – Vacant

Past President – Harry Tran

Secretary – Elisa Becker

Treasurer – Matt Buckli

Director (Program Chair) -Vacant

Director: Kelly Gruel

Director: Ed Sippel

Director (YMG): Terry Armstrong

Scholarship Chair: Jeff Barker

UW-Platteville Liaison: Noah Hofrichter

UW-Madison Liaison: Ed Sippel

Social Media Chair: Vacant

EWB Chair Madison: Vacant

EWB Chair Platteville: Vacant

Upcoming Events

  • Late August/Early September
    • Tour of local project (TBD)
  • September
  • October/November
    • Student Night/Scholarship (TBD)